UX / UI Designer | Co-Founder

Andres is a designer with over twelve years experience in building web and mobile apps. He specializes in crafting digital experiences for a variety of tech startups, brands and agencies.

During 2013, Andres collaborated with the product design team at Shazam Entertainment. Andres provided design support to the Shazam TV team, music ad sales team and UX testing for strategic partners.

Since 2002, Andres has teamed up with a number of San Francisco based marketing and PR agencies. He has collaborated with Ketchum (Clorox Co, Green Works, Clothing Swap), Lexicon Branding (Profanity Check iOS App), Woods Woods Design (Wilhelmina International &, CellAssist) and David Perry & Associates (SF Travel, The Lucas Museum of Narrative Art).

Most recently, Andres served as the Design Director for Luxer where he helped launch Luxer One — a smart locker solution for urban, multi-family properties to deal with high volume package delivery. He established an internal design process to manage UX, product UI and industrial design. Luxer One has scored high in customer satisfaction surveys during it’s initial pilot and it is currently rolling out to new markets.