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Apple Watch and the $26 Billion Health Apps Market

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Many questions about technology in healthcare and medical research remain. But one thing is certain, the pace of tech is not slowing down, and we are all in for major changes in the machine body interface.

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Awesome Mobile App Icons — Using Acorn and AppleScript for Clean and Tight Looking Apps

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Designers have their bag of tricks including the ability to custom-design icons, but this can be time consuming pixel pushing work that a lean startup just cannot afford. And some companies have invested in custom icons because of the critical nature of the icons to their product perhaps including highly domain-specific glyphs.

But for the rest of us, sometimes we just want quick, dirty, nice, and awesome.

Which brings us to … Font Awesome!

Basically you can have at it under the GPL with this set of clean, concise, internationally recognizable icons which have been conveniently and cleverly rendered as a font. So much like the anemic webdings of yore, the FontAwesome icon set is really a sweet “font” of icons.

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