We started with a rough specification, then produced a detailed project plan

which included a clickable wireframe/mockup, and a working demo/Proof of Concept that made the customer the center of the transaction by making the experience delightful.

VroomEngine™ is all about ease of use, so we put a ton of attention into designing a super-simple, streamlined UX specifically around finding the nearest, soonest appointment available for a customer to bring in their car.

The requirements led us to settle on a Mobile Web user interface based upon Material Design guidelines. We implemented the Material Design UX using Bootstrap, Material-Bootstrap.js, JQuery, and Ratchet. We found the toolset to be adequate and provided a clear roadmap to cross-platform mobile UX using PhoneGap wrapper on iOS, Android, and Web clients including desktop.

From this scheduling paradigm arose the need for a full calendar implementation, which we built by extending the open source FullCalendar web calendar with a robust calendaring REST api on the back-end allowing extension of functionality to include updating of Google calendars, and providing an iCal compatible service endpoint.

The Proof of Concept was taken from idea to completion within 3 months and significantly under the original budget.

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