Introducing Starter Ignite

High Performance, Value Added Open Source Java Back End

Starter Ignite is an open source, standards-base JEE "Back-End" providing a set of core services to make building cross platform mobile, web, and IoT applications easier.

Ignite emphasizes consistency and utilizes a RESTful api approach that provides easy access to business logic and data on the server, while ensuring maximum portability of the platform by using Java and by making platform agnostic choices whenever possible.

Ignite is based on three guiding principles:
    Cloud and operating system agnostic: run anywhere, store your data anywhere
    Open Source: a free and easily extensible framework for Java Enterprise Edition
    Standards Based: built with all the favorite Apache and top-level open source libraries like Shiro, Jersey, and Tomcat.

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Documentation Wiki

Ignite Anywhere

Client Code for Every Major Platform

      Swift client for iOS
      WordPress theme and plugin
      Titanium client for *.native app (android, ios, blackberry, tizen)
      Bootstrap client for web
      Foundation client for web
      Semantic ui client for web
      Android client (java)
      Raw Java client
      Raw Php client
    Raw JavaScript client

Apache License

Our Use of the Apache License Means Development Without Limits For more information on the 3rd Party code included in Starter Ignite app, please review the Starter Ignite license document.

Support Options

Contact us for any and all issues and questions you might have about Starter Ignite.

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Timely Cross-Platform Push Notifications = Engagement Starter Ignite Push Services give you a fast and reliable way to push notifications to your app users. Whether it is Android, iOS, a Web App, or text message, Starter Push Services get the message out.
Secure Content Sharing Starter Ignite is all about Social Content Sharing — but sharing stuff with just the right people, while keeping out prying eyes means fine grained Group and User-level ACLs for every bit of content. And you can customize and create secure data types with a simple line of code.
Instant Cloud Appliances Launch a virtual appliance with a single line of code. Your Starter Ignite Instance is a click away.


 * command line instance launching
 * @param args
public static void main(String[] args) {
	try {
	} catch (Exception e) {
		System.err.println("START SNAPSHOT FAILED");
Personalized Email Publishing = Engagement Users want total control over the email they receive, and with Starter Email Publishing Service, your App will drive engagement and loyalty through complete personalization of email notification, opt-in, and template design.
Integrated Support = ROI When users have an issue with your App, they want immediate resolution. Starter makes your support level seem superhuman. By integrating with virtually any Support/Help Desk infrastructure, Starter ensures that no customer issue will go unnoticed. Studies show that quick resolution increases customer loyalty, but poor service results in bad AppStore reviews, negative Social media comments, and ultimately higher customer acquisition and retention costs.
Built-In Social Cloud Content Management including:

  • automatic image sizing and thumbnails
  • granular access control
  • tagging, categories, and search
  • social sharing
  • comments and ratings
Built-In Social Calendar and Event Services including:

  • event creation and management
  • granular access control
  • calendar integration with invoices and estimates
  • resource and location allocation
  • Drag and Drop Web Calendar Client

Starter Ignite Community Edition

$ 0

Per Month
  • Standards-Based Open Source (GPL3) Mobile Application Server Platform
  • Email
  • Social
  • Database
  • Personalization
  • Scalable
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Starter Ignite ProWildly Popular

$ 25

Per Month
  • All the stuff from Community Edition
  • Push Notifications
  • WordPress Integration
  • 1 Dedicated Support Incident per Month
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Starter Ignite EnterpriseEnterprise Preferred

$ 299

Per Month
  • All the stuff from Starter Ignite Pro
  • WooCommerce Plugin eCommerce
  • Hosted + Monitored Starter Ignite Instance
  • One-time Setup of SSL, Push Notifications, and Server Configuration
  • 3 Dedicated Support Incidents per Month
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Avoid Lock-in with an Open Source, Run Anywhere Server Stack

Why Starter Ignite™? The bar for designing and developing mobile apps is raising every day. Engagement is down, Appstores now have hundreds of thousands if not millions of Apps… prototyping new apps is getting easier but scaling and implementing a robust services architecture is in many ways not getting any easier. Starter Ignite accelerates your time to market while increasing the quality and scalability. With Starter Ignite, there is no more messing around with difficult server-side problems like Push Notifications, Personalization, and Email broadcasts while you should be focusing on building incredible User Experiences. We have created Starter Ignite to take care of the heavy lifting so you can get the best mobile and web products to market quickly.