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Starter Tech Lab Robot 101

In our Robot Class, school kids and adults from kindergarten on up are learning how to build, wire, and code their own “StarterBot”. A “StarterBot” is a small, battery powered programmable robot based upon the “Arduino” micro controller. Microcontrollers are tiny computers that allow us to control electronic devices in our everyday lives.

We all have microcontrollers in their homes and sometimes we don’t even know they are there. Modern televisions, thermostats microwaves and clock radios are good examples of modern conveniences powered with these miniature robot brains. Microcontrollers are also commonly used in robots and many other electronic projects.

Software Downloads

Programs and Sample Code to Program Your Bot

Arduino IDE
Download and install this program to create and upload code to your Arduino device: Arduino IDE 1.6.6 The official Arduino programming environment from the folks that created Arduino. Available Installers: Windows Installer Windows ZIP file for non admin install Mac OS X 10.7 Lion or newer Linux 32 bits Linux 64 bits
Starter Block IDE
Step 1: Download the Starter Block Control Program
Step 2: Copy and extract the downloaded zip file into your Sketchbook Location
Step 3: Restart the Arduino IDE
Step 4: Launch the Block Programming IDE from Tools/ArduBlock

Starter Tech Lab Resources

Useful Resources

The Starter StarterBlock Programming Tool
Arduino UNO Reference Diagram
ArduBlock IDE Video Tutorial
The Robot 101 Completion Certificate