The one missing link that makes Siri awesome!

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Is it me or are we waiting for the new thing so much that, sometimes, we forget the little technological gems right in front of us?

For example, there is this one thing I use every day but is still pretty rare to see out there. What exotic bauble can add incredible value to your phone, basically giving you back the evolutionary advantage (hands) that basically made all of human progress possible?

Well of course I’m talking about the good ol’ Bluetooth earbud.

Weird that they are hard to spot here in tech-friendly San Francisco, where you’d expect people to be fully wireless and hands free by a wide margin. It seems most iPhone and Android toting people have yet to realize how functional the latest Bluetooth earbuds are. Earbuds are, in my opinion, more useful than those fancy wearable computer glasses — at a fraction of the cost, and without the eyestrain.

What many may not know is that the latest Bluetooth earbuds all for streaming your Spotify and your podcasts. Wireless music simply doesn’t suck. Hands free? Check.

But here is the kicker… you know that voice control on your phone? Siri or Google or whomever you may be available to take your spoken commands and dictation can now be used privately and handsfree, basically in situations when you need the convenience the most.

So, the best part of an earbud investment is that there is finally a reason to use voice control of your phone!

I can hear the future from here.

I can hear the future from here.

Here’s an example of how such a little thing can really benefit your life. I’m an avid cyclist and ride mountain and road bikes as often as I can, enjoying the mountains and roads of Northern California. So, over the years I’ve always wanted that perfect riding music option without the danger of headphones shutting off your outside hearing.

I was happy to discover that my new BT earbud effectively solved this issue… and then heaps on the benefits from there. Basically with my Bluetooth earbud plus my Spotify and my bike and I’m all set.

But it gets better… The latest earbuds sport access to Siri or the other voice apps on your phone.

So while I’m blasting down single-track in the Headlands, I can check the time or even the distance to my awaiting BBQ at home, just by asking my phone and all without taking hands off the handlebars

Updated sports scores or stock prices, podcasts and news updates, or even dictating your inbox messages, many of your information needs can be met wirelessly and hands free with this combo.

The reality is that one of the most amazing productivity and phone enhancements of all time is seriously under utilized!

In other words: I want to see some more earbuds out there people I get self conscious if it’s only me!

Hey, maybe it will become cool when paired to a new iWatch..?. I think I may be onto something. This major upgrade to your smartphone lifestyle sets you back a mere $30…. Just don’t send them through the wash or replacement cost will add up.

Cons: there is a geeky factor of 8 although new designs may change all that soon. Also, it is an easily misplaced item, and it doesn’t take much water to kill these pods.

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