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Chukles Mobile Social Humor

Chukles is a fun mobile app that lets you share humorous content in an easy, safe, and social way.

With a light competitive take on the fun of social humor sharing, Chukles is designed to deliver the best stuff from the funniest users — right to your pocket.

Our Approach

Modern application development provides us with endless possibilities. We selected approaches that have been proven over time.

We built the Chukles server and REST api by hand, based upon Enterprise Java Servlets and core security and data components were extended with scalable, secure code using the latest industry standards.

Our server architecture is based completely in the cloud, we are an Amazon Web Services Pro Partner and leverage our expertise in AWS offerings to build scalable, fault-tolerant, and easy to maintain server software stacks.

Custom Design

Simple? Not really. But the goal at Starter is to make the difficult easy and simple to understand. No sharp edges or competing colors and an emphasis on easy to understand icons with clear descriptions.

User Experience

Chukles strives to work the way you’d expect, but still have enough surprises to stay fun and fresh. Make things easy, and be sure there’s a lot of power in just a click or 2.

Regardless of user flow, there should never be dead ends.


Chukles uses SSL to connect to a secure, redundant, and load balanced cluster of Java app servers. We use industry standard Java containers with zero un-necessary endpoints. Double-encryption means double protection: we hash all passwords before transmission over SSL for storage in the database.

Responsive Web Design

We believe in service design and that every touchpoint of our business and products has the same, quality feel.

Because you might want to check out Chukles content on any device, we make sure our website is fully responsive and available to any device on the web.

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The Final Result – The Best Social Humor App In Existance

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